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Reading Recovery Trainers play a central leadership role in Reading Recovery. They provide tertiary level training for Tutors and also guide, monitor and support the effective delivery of Reading Recovery across an education system. Reading Recovery Trainers establish new implementations, advise on policies, current issues and developments, and undertake and report on research. It is the responsibility of Trainers to keep up-to-date with current worldwide research, so that they can be proactive in steering changes necessary to the development of Reading Recovery, to ensure the continued success of the intervention.

The National Reading Recovery Centre at The University of Auckland Faculty of Education is one of four sites in the world that offers a professional training for Trainers of Tutors.

The full year programme of study, leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, incorporates academic and theoretical studies at Masters level or above, training experience with Tutor trainees undertaking Tutor training, contact with experienced Tutors in the field and practical work with young children.

The Trainer Training programme has five components:
Preparing to deliver courses of academic and theoretical study related to current issues in literacy learning, child development and current theory and research on literacy difficulties.
Daily teaching of individual children having difficulty learning to read and write, in order to gain knowledge of the theory and practice related to the Reading Recovery procedures.

Learning how to train Tutors including how to supervise and support these Tutors in the field.
  Learning how to implement Reading Recovery in a school system.
Developing the ability to communicate about the rationales and outcomes of Reading Recovery to educators, academics, administrators, politicians journalists and parents in order to sustain developments and answer challenges.

Applicants for Reading Recovery Trainer training should be;
  Highly qualified academically and professionally (MA or above)
Able to work effectively with a range of professionals
Capable of assuming responsibility for Tutor training and the effective delivery and development of Reading Recovery.

National Reading Recovery, 74 Epsom Ave, Auckland, New Zealand.