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Reading Recovery Teachers provide individual, daily help for a short time to the lowest achieving six-year-olds in their schools.

The successful implementation of Reading Recovery depends on the provision of high quality training for teachers. Schools select experienced junior class teachers who are fully committed to undertaking the year-long training course. Throughout the year they will work with at least four children individually for thirty minutes each child per day.

Teacher training begins with guidance on the administration and analysis of the assessment tasks of An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement (Clay, 2019). This is followed by fortnightly inservice sessions in which teachers learn how to work with the Reading Recovery teaching procedures through observation and discussion of live Reading Recovery lessons. At the same time, and throughout the year, the teachers teach their own Reading Recovery children, learning on the job.

During their training year Reading Recovery teachers:

  develop an understanding of reading and writing processes
become skilled at using a range of systematic observation techniques to assess and guide children's reading and writing progress

learn how to design individual instruction that assists the child to produce effective strategies for working on text
  gain experience with critically evaluating their work and that of their peers
learn how to implement Reading Recovery effectively and report regularly on its operation in their schools

Once trained, Reading Recovery teachers attend support sessions as long as they are involved in Reading Recovery. These professional development sessions continue to be based on observation and discussion of Reading Recovery lessons.

National Reading Recovery, 74 Epsom Ave, Auckland, New Zealand.