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Reading Recovery is a school-based early literacy intervention which provides skilled one to one teaching for children who have made slow progress with literacy learning in the first year of school. It is funded and supported in New Zealand schools by the Ministry of Education. Schools wishing to implement Reading Recovery select experienced junior class teachers who work individually with children for at least half of each day during their year of training. In subsequent years the number of children taught by each teacher will depend on the size of the school, the availability of other Reading Recovery teachers and the number of children needing the intervention.

The Reading Recovery teachers in a school form part of the school Reading Recovery team. This team also includes the Principal, Assistant/Deputy Principal (Junior Classes) and other members of the junior school staff and has responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of the intervention in their school. Team members participate in the selection of children and evaluation of the outcomes of children's programmes.

Reading Recovery Tutors consult with and advise Reading Recovery school teams on matters affecting the quality of the school's Reading Recovery implementation as well as providing teacher training and offering professional development and support for trained Reading Recovery teachers. Successful implementation of Reading Recovery in a school depends upon:

  a school policy to run an effective programme
  a team approach for at-risk children
continuity of Reading Recovery within the school
  adequate staff for the number of children needing help
  a close check that all children needing help are receiving it
good communication with parents

Monitoring and reporting on effectiveness

School Reports
School Reading Recovery Teams are advised to report regularly to the Board of Trustees on the implementation of Reading Recovery in their school. An annual report would include information on how many children entered Reading Recovery, the number of children successfully reaching average levels and no longer needing individual assistance, arrangements made for the referral to an appropriate literacy specialist for those children identified as needing ongoing support, and planning for future needs.

National Data Collection
Each year data is collected electronically from all schools in New Zealand operating Reading Recovery. The data is collated and published by the Ministry of Education. See (keyword search 'Reading Recovery') for information on data collection and current research reports.

National Reading Recovery, 74 Epsom Ave, Auckland, New Zealand.